Grand Mentality x Triple X x Graycie
Stress Negative
Bred by: Winmor Farms
Owned with: Shaffer’s Gold Rush and Diamond V Genetics

Nothing more needs to be said about the siring ability of Grand Mentality. The difference between Red U Mental and other Grand Mentality boars is the bottom side of his pedigree. “Gray-cie” is the WD bred Champion Cross Gilt who was purchased at Belton in 2012. She’s the female Ron Smith used as the building block behind his renowned sow herd at Winmor Farms. In addition, she’s a littermate to the mother of Sky’s the Limit, who sold for a world record $380,000. Red U Mental has been a stand-out since we bought him at 60 pounds. We picked him up and introduced him to his new pen where he would spend the entire winter at a toasty 34 degrees. In spite of the frigid conditions, this guy continued to grow and put on weight without any pampering at all. The end result is what you see in the photos. Red U Mental is a boar that grew on his own, with no additives, no paylean, and minimal care.  
Red U Mental has so many great qualities, we decided to list them rather than write a narrative. 

  Red U Mental is:
Long necked
Level topped (Actually runs up-hill)
Tremendously square hipped
Powerful forearm
Tons of top shape
Crisp loin edge
Massive Bone
Strong pasterns (not soggy)
Short, stubby toes
Tail root the size of a carrot
Growth (market weight in 5 months)
Appetite (He’s a great eater)
Frame (not a dumpy toad)
Color (popular color scheme)
Pedigree- second to none
For semen contact Shaffer’s  Gold Rush at: 1-888-690-2022
Additional Photos: