Star Buck

Buck Dandy x Full Shift
Champion Duroc Boar at 2011 NSR Extravaganza
Bred by Daryll Mappes
Owned with Shaffer's Goldrush and Diamond V Show Pigs

When we purchased this boar at the Extravaganza, we had no idea of the success this pedigree would have as the year progressed. As it turned out, a littermate to Star Buck’s mother produced the $33,000.00 Reserve Champion boar who sold at the World Pork Expo. His Dam’s mother produced the $100,000.00 Champion Boar at Summer Type Conference who is also sired by Buck Dandy. With Star Buck, you get the best of both worlds.  He is ½ sib to the Expo boar and ¾ sib to the STC Boar.

Star Buck  himself is an exceptional individual. He has tremendous natural shape and outstanding muscle expression. These pictures were taken 2 ½ months after the Extravaganza when Star Buck was 5 months old. He had not been prepped with high powered show feeds or expensive additives. Star Buck has natural spring of rib, outstanding correctness of skeleton, and a profile that exemplifies show ring appeal. He comes at you as squarely as his picture suggests,  leaves you with the same correctness, and is dead level from shoulder to hip.  For those of you who breed females, Star Buck has the most perfectly spaced 7-7 underline you can imagine. If you’re looking for muscle, shape, evenly matched toes and classy looking show pigs, Star Buck is the answer. Use him with confidence.

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